Thursday, January 22, 2009

Oscar thoughts

just a quick couple of hits on the Oscars, because it is what I do and you would be disappointed if I said nothing...
  • Hellboy was nominated for Makeup. Of course it was. To forget that would be wrong. but, how did they miss out on this very good flick by a great director for Visual Effects, Sound Mixing or Sound Editing. Heck, I think it could have been seriously considered for Art Direction and Costumes. Heck, I would not have been surprised if it was considered for Editing or Cinematography (a stretch). Visually it was the most stunning and impressive film of the year. But, I love the director.
  • Only 3 songs nominated? Was it the year that bad?
  • I think Horton Hears a Who should have been in contention ahead of Bolt. But, there were 4 solid choices this year. Nominated all of them. Neither of those flicks are in the league of Kung Fu Panda and Wall-E, but they were better than most movies made for adult audiences (you can tell I have small kids, huh).
  • I guess the backlash against Clint Eastwood has begun.
  • Which half of the Brad Pitt/ Angelina Jolie partnership is more likely to carry home and Oscar? Neither.
  • I had heard great things about Revolutionary Road and so-so things about The Reader. I guess Oscar feels differently.
  • I hope Christopher Nolan was the #6 guy on the director list. Ron Howard, again? Well, Coldplay gets Grammys, so Ronnie Boy gets Oscars. No justice.
  • 3 visionary Auteurs were nominated for direction. that is always a good thing in the midst of Hollywood's lack of artistry (see Ron Howard)- Fincher, Van Sant and Boyle are among the edgiest, most original mainstream directors working today.
That is all for now.


Unknown said...

were u able to see milk yet?

james said...

COuldn't agree with you more on Nolan and Del Toro. I was hoping Dark Knight was #6 on the best pic list too.

To be honest, i've seen 3 of the 5 best pic nods and those three will not be in my top 5. Still need to see Frost/Nixon and Reader. I actually have hope for Ron Howard this go around.

*my word verification is "skiers"

DJ Word said...

I am yet to see Milk. Ohh to have the chance to get out with my wife for all the movies we want to see. We need a nanny.

James I am surprised you did not think Slumdog made your top 5. I thought you and you wife were raving about it.

james said...

I very much enjoyed the movie, and Brooke liked it more than I. We enjoyed the soundtrack immensely. So far Doubt, Dark Knight and WALL-E are in my top 3 (not in that order) and I've yet to see Frost/Nixon, Gran Turino or The Wrestler. I don't think Slumdog will end up squeezing in. Probably a top 10 though.