Wednesday, January 28, 2009

quick thought on politics, partisanship and stimulus grows bigger than the debt in a matter of moments

I am not going to bloviate* on this subject, but I want to make something clear politically speaking. While I have been in the tank for Obama during the past 4 years I have stated on more than one occasion that, unlike some of my friends, I do not genuflect at a shrine in my home office, lighting candles as I leave offerings. I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican that has seen the light. I am a radically moderate Independent (and have probably always been one). In say this, I want to make sure you understand something...

This stimulus package blows. I would not vote for it. It has elements in it that will help the economy, but much of it is spending that is not useful in the midst of a crisis or could be helpful but not at this moment, in this package. I think the Republicans should vote against it. I think the Democrats, apart from our President, should be ashamed for not talking to Republicans about it. I hope they raise a stink- just not a disagreeable stink.

While I am radically non-partisan, I do not want Republicans to roll over for the Democrats.  I do not want unity at the expense of debate and discussion. Of course, I don't want Republicans to do as they are doing right now and whine like big bad bully Democrats stole their lollipops. While I do not like politics in the name of partisanship and power, I care deeply about philosophical differences and political realities. I want Republicans and Democrats to fight over (debate) ideas, philosophy, pragmatic approaches that will work, etc. 

In this new era of unity, let us not neglect that.

* well I wasn't when this post began. Oh well.

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RDF said...

Uh oh! I'm getting this uneasy "if you're not with us, you're against us vibe." Our country was built on healthy debate, not this "I'm taking my ball and going home BS"

When did our country and its leaders turn into such a bunch of wusses? That's not intended solely for the current regime or W's folks.

Off topic for the moment - Rick, do you know anything about the tax code? I'd love you to attack the ordinary income vs capital gains/dividends vs payroll tax garbage. It could make for a healthy discussion of what exactly an entitlement is.



P.S. I am a Steeler fan. Hate the eagles and hope the Steelers beat the cards. Not bandwagon - born in Pittsburgh and grew up in Central PA. Although, the Cards may have some things going for them like a little destiny (Warner, Wisenhut), but more likely an overconfident opponent.