Friday, February 06, 2009

Cheap Music Picks

Some good new music from Amazon for cheap:

1. O Brother, Where Art Thou soundtrack produced by T Bone Burnett. This is one of the best compilations of traditional American music for the uninitiated and among the best soundtracks I have ever owned. I am eternally grateful for the Coen brothers and Burnett's collaboration and for introducing Ralph Stanley to the rest of the world while reminding us of the wonders of Welch, Krauss, Harris and the rest of these artists.

It is worth the price of the mp3 just to hear Stanley sing O Death. All this for only $5.00!

2. Double Fantasy by John Lennon for only $5.00. Let me proudly state for the record... "I am a Paul McCartney man." While John gets the glory, Paul was a better songwriter and singer. That said, this is a wonderful album and John's last. I bought it as a 11 year old and loved it. It stands up well to the test of time with gems such as (Just Like) Starting Over, Watching the Wheels and Woman. It is probably Lennon's most consistent pop album and evidence he was growing up and becoming more concerned with universal music themes and less agenda driven (which is fine, bu not for a Beatle).

3. Graceland by Paul Simon. I guess Amazon wants our money! This multiple Grammy winner is worth the hype. believe everything you have ever read about this masterpiece of world music and American pop. If you are below 30 you may know little about this album, but please buy it. While there are 3 great albums for $5.oo, and some crap, this is the gem of the day.

4. Mama's Gun by Eryka Badu for only $1.99. Not her best, her most experimental or even her most accessible, but probably her best combo of all 3.

5. D.G.T. by Paul Westerberg. I just downloaded it but have not yet listened. But, it is 3 songs by Westerberg (of the Replacements) for only 79 cents. It has to be a good deal.


Unknown said...

KUDOS to graceland. one of my all time favorites.

RDF said...

Joshua Tree $5.99 at Amazon.