Monday, April 27, 2009

working on something about Sustainability with an unheard voice

On my blog and twitter I mentioned my problems with Earth Day and its fans. My problem is that Earth Day is to Environmentalism what Valentines Day is to Love. It is either a celebration of the every day experience one has, or it is something crass. To often, it is a marketing scheme to sell something green (like Valentine's Day sells something with hearts) and to talk about something you care about every once in a while and then forget the next day.

I said that what one talks about on Earth Day should not matter. What one talks about on the Monday after Earth Day should matter. To that end, I am teaming up with a friend to offer some ideas, tips and thoughts on sustainability and our part in it. This friend, whom I will unveil when the process is complete is someone dear to my wife and I. I performed her wedding ceremony, she has been part of 2 churches I have led, she helped deliver our second born and her husband and she have been instrumental to many things in our lives. In other words, I am not unbiased regarding her value to this conversation.

She takes the environment seriously and lives it out, not through preaching, self promotion and book writing but through learning, teaching, traveling, education and as a green business owner. Because she is not a self promoter, like most of the people I seem to know, you may never hear of her and her ideas, which are light years ahead of where most Christ followers, even the earth friendly crowd, are.

I hope to unveil this series soon and would love to get some of you to share it once it happens. It is part of what I have been convicted to share lately. As I did with my post on Christian organizational structure, I will be promoting the work of someone with very little voice in the greater conversational circles. I am beginning to feel that part of what I have to offer (even in a small way), is a voice to those with something we should be hearing, but with no desire to promote themselves. In other words, we need to hear from the non-Celebrities and I want to do my part to help them get their words seen and heard, especially those that came before us and are wise (or wise beyond their years in this person's case).

When done, I hope you like it and spread the word so others can hear such a voice.

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