Friday, May 01, 2009

good cheap music for you

in my continuing quest to introduce you to good music at good prices, I am grateful to the folks at Amazon. Every Friday, they give us 5 albums for $5 each, plus daily specials. They even have random huge sales periodically.

Right now, there is one of those sales. There are 50 albums for $5 each with many good choices, including Neko Case's latest alt country gem (not her best but close) and American Beauty by the Grateful Dead (the one album everyone should own), along with TV on the Radio, Culture Club, Ornette Coleman, Kanye West, Marvin Gaye's #1 songs, Michael Franti and The Knux. You can also get one of the best albums so far in 2009, Metric's Fantasies (do you like powerful girl music?),

But the deal of the day is quite simply the best deal Amazon can give on a mp3. One of the greatest albums of all time (I am partial to it above Abbey Road and anything else) is only $1.99 today. If you do not own Pet Sounds by The Beach Boys, shame on you and repent right now. As penance head over to Amazon and by this morsel of pop perfection. While I do not think the remasters from 1996 are the best available, you will not notice, unless you worship this album like some I know.

While you should own the album and the CD, this is a no brainer for anyone that does not already have it on their iPod. Believe the hype! Listen to it over and over and over and over. It gets better on each listen and never gets old.

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Mike Stavlund said...

first, let me thank you for your expert filtering of the Amazon offerings-- I am much obliged.

second, let me say, "Crap!-- I want the sweet deal on the *other* TVotR album..."

third, is Lupe Fiasco's 'The Cool' one of those albums you recommended long ago that I unwisely ignored? It's blowing me away (along with Manchester Orchestra).