Friday, July 10, 2009

Coldplay as Jambalaya

I finally figured out a way to explain my feelings about Coldplay. Coldplay is like bland food at a fern bar (chain restaurant). It is food. It tastes fine. It fills you up and you don't complain. But that is it. It masquerades as something from a fine restaurant, but it is really nothing special.

In fact, Coldplay is like jambalaya, but not the kind you get from a good Cajun or Creole restaurant... but the kind you would get at Applebees. It smells like real jambalaya, but it has very little flavor and almost no heat, made for mass consumption not artistry and a discerning palette.


Anonymous said...

This was a pointless post. Go get a life.

DJ Word said...

who needs to get a life more, the writer of the pointless post or the person searching for Coldplay info late at night, reading the aforementioned pointless post and then actually taking the time out of his incredibly busy late night schedule to comment on a pointless post?

Talk about needing to get a life.

RDF said...

At first, I was going to post something like "let it go, Rick. No one cares about Coldplay." However, your exchange with the ever bold anonymous was worth the price of admission. If I can read waaayyy into this, you are like a cold calculating venus flytrap (the plant, not the DJ from the 70s sitcom), waiting innocently and cunningly for its prey to appear. Then without warning you pounce like a leapoard on a really stupid chinchilla who likes coldplay. I'm done. My metaphors were subpar, but oh well, that's how inspired I am by Coldplay.

Vidi, Vini, Vici