Thursday, April 14, 2005

More on the Abuse of Prisoners by the US Military

Thanks to Drudge (scary, I know), I found more about the abuse of prisoners by the U.S. Military. So, since we all care about "erring on the side of life," I am sure all readers will want to know more about how the administration cares for the "least of these" Jesus refers to in Matthew 25.

"WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U.S. jailers at Guantanamo Bay beat a Bosnian detainee so badly he suffered facial paralysis and stuffed the man's head in a toilet, repeatedly flushing it until he nearly drowned, a suit filed Wednesday stated." and
"After removing him from the cell, it added, "They held him down and pushed a garden hose into his mouth. They opened the spigot. As the water rushed in, Mr. Ait Idir began to choke. The water was coming out of his mouth and nose."
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Another story on a POW just released who had never heard of 9/11.

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james said...

Check out the last link again Rick. It seems not to link to the story you were referring to. Looks like the story has been removed.