Saturday, May 21, 2005

Report on Prisoners (or, "least of these") Killed in Afghanistan

Once again the outrage from the Christian press is nil concerning the abuse and possible murder of prisoners of war by members of the US military. Christians such as Dobson, Hewitt, Colson (especially), the FRC and Delay should heed the words of Jesus in Matthew 25 as well as the parable of the Good Samaritan during the so called "War on Terror" the US is engaging in.

Today's New York Times reports on the atrocities (which were in a military report they got their hands on), which include the torture and possible murder of a probably innocent Afghan taxi driver and another prisoner. As reported in Washington Monthly and the New York Times, these are not "gray areas" or "close calls." They are "routine," "systematic," "horrific" and "led to the gruesome death of a probably innocent man." Innocent or not, this is no way for members of the US Military to act, and people high up should be held accountable.

Christians need to demand accountability and action from our Christian President and should call for monitoring by outside agencies, such as Prison Fellowship. Don't let your support for the administration, the war, the troops or the military color your perceptions of this story. And, please don't let your disgust for the New York Times or your partisan political loyalty allow you to think nothing of it. A War on Terror is no excuse.

Click here for links to many stories on these incidents and the reports.Here too.
Click here for commentary and a picture drawn of the torture.

The New York Times requires free registration, but an article this important to the cause of Christ and related closely to his strongest words should be read. Click here for the story.


Anonymous said...

Here's my theory on why you are ahead of the curve on outrage directed at allegations of torture by the US military and intelligence agencies. Reports of torture come almost exclusively from the liberal and/or Islamic sources. I know you don't like hearing about the "liberal media," but this is the age we live in. Some media outlets lean left and some lean right. I'm not complaining and I don't see a conspiracy. It's just a fact. Objective journalism in the US (world?) has gone the way of the 10 win season at FSU. :) If a right-leaning media outlet would publish a report of torture, then I believe there would be an outcry from the Christian community. Until then, many of us are inclined to give the US military the benefit of the doubt as opposed to believing liberal and/or Islamic media sources.

I'm not trying to be provocative, Rick. This is an honest theory. What do you think?

DJ Word said...

You are 150% right, which is what frustrates me. I want these organizations reporting on this issue.

David Brooks, conservative writer for the NYT has said clearly that Newsweek is not liberal in slant. He found it to be an organization that works hard to be "objective." And he worked there as a conservative. But, it has been branded as a liberal media outlet (which would surprise George Will). Some organizations attempt to be fairminded and objective (which is impossible in today's climate).

Even though the NYT is liberal in it slant, it got the info directly from a military report. So, even if their slant caused them to be more interested in getting to the info, the info is still from the military.

I want to give the military the benefit of doubt in this, but their are too many things coming out. Now, I am not one to simplify the issue, as some in the liberal media might do.

I think we can find a number of factors, including human nature, stress, dehumanization of Muslims (by various sources), lack of proper training, orders from higher up that may be misinterpreted, etc.

However (not only as a Christian), as an American I expect more of those wearing that uniform, especially those who claim the name of Christ (they have a higher authority). There should be an outcry from Christians because Jesus' words were so clear on such issues. I mean, there is more clarity from the NT than there is on abortion (not that I am slighting abortion, I just want us to have a consistent ethic of life).


p.s. thanks for coming to the blog. it is intimidating to have the most well thought out conservative I know checking out what I say.

By the way, if objective journalism is going the way of a 10 win season at FSU, then welcome back this year (check out that recruiting class).