Saturday, August 06, 2005

Florida State correctly responds to hostile PCers in the NCAA

Unlike most White Christian American Males who have been the recipient of the spoils of that heritage, I have never been one to complain about political correctness regularly (what is it about being American than entitles us to whine and moan about everything? Yes and Christians and males are as bad as everyone else).

First of all, as a WCAM, I have been on the side of power more often than I have been "oppressed." I have never felt the sting of racism, sexism or xenophobia. I actually feel that it is safer to be a Christian in America than it is to be Muslim or Jewish. I have no illusions that WCAMs are the recipient of anything other than the easiest lot in life (last time I checked every President in history was one of us, 7 of the Supreme Court Justices are and well over 75% of the Senate). I see no need to complain for a few mild insults (and even a little hostility) to my being. Christ, the early church and the worldwide church have endured much worse.

As stupid as it may sound, I think that every once in a while the PC movement is actually right or even helpful. Even when they are not right, much of the behavior they point to is either garish, dumb, insensitive or ignorant. As a Christian, I feel that my behavior and language should be higher than the standard of PCers, even if they are whiny about it (and I hate whiny, must be the military heritage). I must say that I am a total free speech nut and think that very little speech should be out of bounds (so, I am not a PCer or a whiney WACM).

I actually agreed with the assessment the PCers made towards Rush Limbaugh when he made the ignorant statement about Donovan McNabb a couple of years ago (I was watching ESPN as it happened and could not believe how little he knew about race, the media or football). I even think the broadcaster that made the remarks about Caribbean ballplayers in San Fran should be let go (again, people should be held accountable for stupidity). Although, the demands of the community of San Fran towards the imbecilic video the 49ers made is ridiculous.

However, they stepped over a line this week. On Friday the NCAA (already shown to be the most clueless group of educated people in America) decided that schools with Indian names will be banned from NCAA sponsored events. Their bullying tactic will work with some schools, but not my beloved alma mater. In fact, I was proud to see the President of FSU lay into these nincompoops by threatening a lawsuit.

He uses their own arguments of intolerance and hostility against them. Read his words to see what a President with guts says (he is former FSU player, legislator and lawyer). Link.

Hopefully the NCAA will come to its senses. If it does not, FSU will not lay down and become the Statesmen or Manatees. As one who learned of the proud heritage of the Seminole Indians (the only unconquered tribe in US history) because of FSU's choice to represent these people in such a dignified manner, I hope we fight to protect this heritage and relationship.

(by the way, I think Redskins is a totally lame name that should be changed- and Braves may not be the most respectful either).


g13 said...

have any ethnic seminoles responded to this issue? i have good friends who are cherokee and know that they have strong opinions on this issue. just wondering.

DJ Word said...

I tried to respond yesterday but my wonderful pc did not like what I had said.

As for the Seminole Tribe of Florida, they are 100% behind the FSU choice of Seminole as a symbol (not a mascot in either's eyes).

The relationship is reciprocal. FSU des everything in a dgnified manner and asks a committee of tribe members to approve any use of the Seminole brand.

Over the years FSU has chosen to promote Seminole history (as the only unconquered tribe) through homecoming, a museum, scholarships for all Seminole Indians choosing FSU (at least 80% paid), etc.

The Seminole tribe makes all headresses for homecoming and costume for Chief Osceola and renegade (his horse).

It is a very strong relationship and the tribe has come out very much in the corner of FSU. They know how it promotes their heritage. I cannot speak to any other schools or tribes.

g13 said...

wow that's cool. i wasn't really interested in other schools and tribes, just curious about this one. i figured there must be a positive relationship if you were supporting it.