Thursday, September 22, 2005

Santa Fe in the near future

I am excited to say that I am officially heading to the Emergent Gathering in Santa Fe, NM. Although I signed up a while back (if you can call a few weeks a while), I only bought my plane tickets last evening. I am quite excited, since I have been out-pf-touch with many of my cohorts due to lack of funds/ job in the past year. Also, I look forward to a break before the holiday madness begins at my job.

I was going to try to finagle something with my frequent flyer miles, but found a flight from Tampa to Albuquerque for only $158.

I know many that are going, but noticed Rudy C does not have it on his blog itinerary. I need a ride around 2:30 p.m. Any takers?


Dustin said...

Kelli and I are seriously considering going to this together. I just feel like this would be very helpful right now. And I think meeting some of these people would be extremely valuable. We'll have to talk about this.

Anonymous said...

ah, but i will think fondly of thee and our friends as my wife, son, daughter and i enjoy a very long-awaited family vacation in... hawaii

Anonymous said...

Rick, I met you at Gentry's house last month. See if you can get the Emergent guys to come to New England sometime in the future. It was great chatting with you.