Wednesday, September 14, 2005

What I heard at the Roberts hearings

After listening to some of the Robert's hearings during the past few days while in my automobile an inordinately long time, I have come to the following conclusions...

1. Everyone in the Senate is a complete hypocrite. The political hypocrisy of the 2 major parties is unbelievable. When Democrats had a nominee they wanted, they encouraged the appointee to answer only questions he or she saw fit to answer. Whereas the Republicans grilled the nominee on all matters and berated them for not answering every question completely. Of course, now the Republicans are encouraging Roberts to answer all-so-delicately, while the Democrats want him to provide the answers to math tests from 1967 and his opinions on the designated hitter rule in All Star games.

2. Let Roberts answer the questions. I am so frustrated that the president and Republican leadership is refusing to give over documents or encouraging him to keep his mouth shut. The American people deserve to hear from this man what he really thinks. His mark upon this nation will long outlive every Senator and member of the Bush administration. It is important. Plus, since he is going to be the next Supreme Court Chief Justice and nothing can stop it, just let him be honest. It will not hurt him at all. Plus, since he is so darn smart and eloquent, we can learn much from these hearings.

3. Here is my imitation of every Senator asking Roberts a question.

"I would like to point out how stupid the other party is and
would like to talk about how stupid the remarks of the last
Senator are. Now I would like to grandstand for a few minutes
and make you, the American people and the rest of the Senate
listen to my ideas on the judiciary for an extended period of time.
After grandstanding I will now ask Judge Roberts a question. But,
upon finishing this question, I do not want him to answer until I
pontificate for a few minutes longer and give my opinion on the
matter at hand for another extended period of time. After talking
about myself and how in touch I am with the will of the American
public (at least from listening to my staffers tell me what the masses
desire), I will give you time to answer my convoluted question. Of
course, I can interrupt you at any time to grandstand and pontificate
a bit more. Judge Roberts, please answer the question."


Bob Robinson said...

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kidpositive said...

did you happen to see the daily show bit on senator corbin's "heartache" over political acrimony that he expressed during Sunday's opening statements? go here and click on "Heavy Vetting". pretty hilarious...