Thursday, April 12, 2007

Family and Life Update

It is interesting how I use this blog as therapy, yet very seldom do I share what is happening in my personal life, aside from vacations, trips and the occasional pity party. However, my wife has been bugging me to share a little more.

So I lost my job and we have another child on the way...

I lost my job due to some restructuring and funding problems at Metropolitan Ministries. they folded my department into Development (you know the one's not raising enough money) and walked into my office telling me the news (and I had to leave right then). They did the same thing to 5 others (Sadly, this is common practice in this organization)- mostly leadership and executive level. Since I signed no severance form, I could say this (and more if you ask me personally).

I was talking seriously with a cool church, but that is now going nowhere, so I decided to share. I have things in the hopper with a few organizations and a possibility for the summer to pay the bills.

We are looking everywhere (not just Tampa). While I am hoping for something perfect for my temperament and skills, I am looking at many options. My desires would be to work in a ministry capacity (someplace that could handle me), work for a non-profit doing advocacy or relief work (maybe a little lobbying) or open a bar or yoga studio (something 3rd space-like).

I would love to have a chance for my writing to improve and be posted at God's Blog or Evangelicals for Social Action. I think my ideas are good enough (and my wife is an editor that could clean up my random thoughts). I also have some ideas with a crazy non-profit I want to start. But, I am not yet holding my breath.

If you have any leads or ideas, let me know.

As for second part of my initial sentence... yes, we are pregnant with child #3. It was a bit of a surprise in December (I feel past the having kids stage). But, we have become excited (except about getting rid of the greatest car in the world to buy something bigger- wish we could afford a hybrid SUV). Anyway, our second son will be born in early August.

We are struggling with names (we have set a precedent with Irish or Anglo Saxon names, 2 middle names, one after a southern author), but will have something soon.

Kristi is working a lot and editing a lot to keep us afloat, so pray for her (and all of us).



Mike Murrow said...


we have not met but i have heard lots about you from the S&S and of course i read your blog.

i think it would be sick if you could get a regular column in some zine. you write well. have you thought about writing about music?

james said...

Many blessings upon your family my man. Will offer some prayers. :)

DJ Word said...

thanks fo rth ekind words and encouragement.

I have considered writing about music, but have not figured out where to start. I am not sure Relevant would want my stuff (I am a bit too raw and honest for them)

Anonymous said...

I'm curious to hear about your crazy nonprofit idea. I got into the nonprofit field after graduating from seminary. At the moment I'm more comfortable working in the non-religious nonprofit sector than in a church.

I'm part of an informal group of nonprofits who meet in south west Vermont called the Northshire Nonprofit network: We have lots of resources and ideas posted on our web site. Blessings,

bobbie said...

pernell goodyear just posted a pastor position to replace him in hamilton, ontario at the freeway - big change from florida, but probably just as many canadians!

oh, and sorry for your loss - getting slammed by ministry really stinks.

Anonymous said...

Check Lead pastor.

Eric said...

Praying for you all. Email me.