Thursday, May 31, 2007

Simmons on Kobe

Bill Simmons gives us the top potential trades the Lakers could make to get rid of Kobe Bryant. Of course, I think it is more possible that the Lakers try to get someone to sit next to Bryant.

However, the #1 on Simmons' list would be so frightening to the rest of the league (I am having nightmares as a Spurs fan, just thinking of these words together- KG, Nash, Kobe). It won't happen, but what a possibility.
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Dustin said...

as a semi-phoenix fan, i would hate to see that happen. the last person in the world i want on my team is Kobe Bryant!

kidpositive said...

that would be too much talent on one team. i don't see how that could work. Kobe is too big of player (game, not size) to fit into Nash's style of play, and Nash seems to only be effective when he can be in control of (or at least facilitate) a running game. in my opinion, it would screw up the balance of Kobe's and Nash's playing style. unless you can imagine Kobe changing his game to look more like that of Shawn Marion's.

On the other hand, KG would be sick paired up with Kobe, or Nash. However, I think we ALL can agree here that KG would look much better in a Mavs uniform, eh?

DJ Word said...

KG would be a good pickup for the Mavs, if they dump Dirk. He is everything Dirk is not (tough, defensive).

Kg's ego is much smaller than Stoudemire's. He wants to win. He and Nash would play in the same way Nash does with Stoudemire. But, since Dirk and Stoudemire are basically the same player (cannot play D, can't win the big one, not tough- completely offensive minded), it would work better.

Plus, Kobe needs either a great big man (ala Shaq) or a great point guard. That is why they want Kidd. Nash's style can adapt to anyone I think. Plus, he would appreciate someone who would take over at the end, so he does not have to become a shooting guard to win big games. Kobe would be the wild card, but KG and Nash would work perfectly and be willing to make him better.

It all comes down to coaching. It may work with D'Antoni, but the thing that made Riley and Jackson work so well with lotso talented guys is the way they work egos. this would work with a younger Jackson or Riley.

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