Tuesday, May 29, 2007

random facts, observations and plans

  • On Sunday, June 3, I will begin a summer stint as the Interim Youth Director for a large Presbyterian church in Tampa. While looking for the next long term ministry/ career opportunity, this will be an opportunity to hang out with a great group of adults and kids, be close to a very good ministry friend/ mentor and pay bills (never a bad option).
  • The past couple of weeks have had positive developments on the job search. Nothing has materialized that will assure of us of anything, but a couple of opportunities have legs and will not end at a rejection letter (or the usual ignoring of the resume) with no conversation.
  • My calling as one that disciples and mentors others has been affirmed lately. As I look to the future, I know this must be part of whatever I end up doing.
  • I will be in D.C. the weekend of June 10 for Bread for the World's national Gathering. I am hoping it is a wonderful chance to be renewed spiritually and politically and a fun time with old and new friends.
  • Pirates 3 deserves no higher than a C. I feel the C grade is quite gracious. I could complain about the film length, ridiculously complicated, yet obtuse plot, the blandality (new word I just created) of Orlando Bloom, the lack of spark between the supremely talented Rush and Depp- due to external plot factors, the depressing ending for a shallow Disney flick, the over-the-top special effects signifying nothing and wimpy head villain. At least it is over and not as bad as the Star Wars, episodes 1-3 trilogy and the Matrix Trilogy. Plus, I do love any excuse to come home and call my dog "Marrrrrrrrly."
  • I watched a History channel documentary called Hippies last week. It was sponsored by AARP. Seriously. It is hard for some to fathom, but many of today's retirees were more promiscuous and drug addled than today's teenagers.
  • While grabbing some sushi for lunch at our local Wild Oats (organic market) I observed something which put me into a foul mood. 2 tweens were acting up in front of the store while Mom was talking to a friend. She looks back at the kids and says, "Now c'mon kids, you are doing so good." (they weren't) She then says the following, in complete deadpan, "The 2 of you are winners." This is quite possibly the most inane thing I have ever heard a parent say to their kids. How this will ever suit the children in the future is beyond me and if I start speaking such meaningless platitudes to my children in such a nonchalant way, just shoot me.


DLW said...

It simply is not true that Pirates 3's plot makes no sense. It is convoluted but things make more sense the 2nd time around. There is a logic underneath it, though it knows that most people won't folla it...

I give it a B+.


DJ Word said...

so i would have to sit through the 3 hours once more to grasp it? not worthm it to me. glad you liked it though.

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