Wednesday, May 23, 2007

thoughts on the presidential race

just a couple of thoughts on the candidates so far...
  • I was thinking Gore would put his hat in the ring by now. If he is going to, he had better get off his tushie soon. Every day it gets a bit harder, unless he is waiting to swoop in as a savior when it looks like Hillary will get the money and vote. He is still the most appealing Democrat with the best chance of becoming president, as well as the most presidential candidate from either party. Run, Al, Run.
  • Of the top crop, I think Hillary will bring every Republican out of the woodwork and never be elected president. While I still intrigued by Obama, I also think the racist southern vote (which is bigger than anyone admits) will eventually derail his candidacy, leaving only Edwards- who, on paper only, is wonderful but has left me cold the past few months.
  • So, why can't we seriously look at the rest of the candidates? Is there not someone else who would be a better president and stronger national candidate? Is there someone without Congressional baggage? Is there someone from a people group that has never held the office of president that could still get the votes of those not ready to vote for a woman or African American? Yes. And he should be considered by his party (more later).
  • Rolling Stone points out the pathetic state of the GOP pack in its All Flipper No Gipper, which has not yet posted online (I will link it as soon as it does). I can understand why the Religious Right cannot get behind the big 3- none should get consideration beyond McCain.
  • Although I thought Mitt had a great chance to be the next president (months ago), I think he may have blown it already, while McCain has lost any of his considerable appeal from 2000 due to pandering and faux pas and Giuliani will eventually go postal and beat up somebody (plus, the RR has no moral compass if it votes for the man).
  • The religious right and ultra-conservatives are looking closely to a lightweight skirt chaser (his own words) that thought the Senate was too much work. Yes, they want slacker Fred Thompson to be their candidate of choice. Why? Because everyone knows his face and he exudes presidential authority- based upon his acting only (don't get me wrong, I am a bit of a slacker also and for that reason should never be considered for a presidential election).
  • The possibility of Chuck Hagel excites Democrats more than Republicans, hoping he becomes this year's McCain 2000. 2 problems with that... 1) McCain lost to the machine, 2) Hagel has waited too long to gain serious momentum.
  • The thing that really bothers me about the Religious Right and its minions is this. They keep complaining about the main candidates and know their man, Brownback, is too marginal in his views to get serious consideration from the mainstream. So, they ignore a man with RR credentials who has shown himself to be a good campaigner (if a bit corny- like the preacher he is) and more of a compassionate conservative than the man in the White House. Heck, this guy comes from the governorship of a a southern state, just like 3 of the past 5 Presidential winners. Yet, they ignore him and line the pockets of others.

So, there you have my thoughts right now. I think the strongest potential with Executive leadership experience for each party comes from New Mexico and Arkansas. Am I saying they would make the best president? No. I am saying they should be seriously considered by their parties and have better upsides than many of the front runners. Eight months before the first vote is cast, I give you Bill Richardson vs. Mike Huckabee (whom I could never vote for after he disparaged I (heart) Huckabees in Time Mag- yet am drawn to because of his strong interview with Jon Stewart... plus it would be a blast to have a President Huckabee).

Just take a moment to move past the Top 3, to the potential best candidate from each party. But, what do I know? I probably would not support either one seriously if I was loyal to one of the decrepit political parties sullying the US landscape.


DLW said...

I think Obama could pull it off because he can pull non-racist red state voters and doesn't need the south. But I don't know if he'll get the nomination.

I still believe that we shd be pressing for primary voters to be able to endorse up to three candidates out of the many runners.

There's no good reason to have only one vote in an election with so many decent candidates, besides that it lets the party machine get behind their person via the MSM...


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