Thursday, May 31, 2007

you know it is pretty bad at your Alma Mater when the best news to hit your campus is the departure of the coach of your biggest rivals.

But, Yeah!

In a move I predicted 2 weeks ago, Billy Donovan will leave the defending champion Florida Gators (who FSU defeated) for the NBA's Orlando Magic. They are paying him $6 million per year. Money well spent.

Thanks Magic. I will root for you occasionally for making this move (unless you draft Joakim Noah). link


Mike Murrow said...


james said...

you predicted both the departure and the team he would land with?

DJ Word said...

it was actually simple. When Orlando fired Hill (the old coach) and Donovan had not signed his extension, I thought it would happen.

He wanted to stay in Florida- check
He wanted a good team (Grizzlies very bad)- check
He wanted control- check

He needed a challenge, but wanted everything to align perfectly. It did in Orlando.

I knew he would be offered the moon. however, i was not sure he would take it.

That part of the prediction (made to many Gator fans to bother them and put fear in their hearts) was merely the physical manifestation of wishful thinking.

Unknown said...

The Sentinal says today that he's reconsidering. Hard to get Florida basketball news on this side of the planet... any truth to that?

DJ Word said...

you may have seen that Orlando is letting him out of his contract.

What a weenie. I guess he got scared.

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