Monday, November 12, 2007

The Cobalt Season in Florida

This weekend we hosted our old friends Ryan and Holly Sharp from San Fran (with new friend Pax- their 1 year old in tow). Musically they are known as The Cobalt Season and have a wonderful following due to their great music and promotion of like-minded people within the Emergent Village community.

Saturday night we had about 30 people in our backyard and no complaints from our neighbors, as we sat around a fire pit, listened to wonderful music and let the food and libations flow among good old friends and new friends. Sunday morning we sat in the back of the church we no longer attend so we could enjoy The Cobalt Season in a more proper environment, complete with full sound and less street noise.

At times like this, we realize how outside the mainstream Christian community we are and how lonely it can be to attempt to follow the teachings of Jesus and all of their implications within the church community of the deep south (of course, Ryan and Holly, who have traveled the entire nation on this tour, assure us this is the case with EVers everywhere). One of our great frustrations of the time spent in Florida has been the lack of like-minded community desiring to embrace the same values we do, so we can move forward (and not sideways) with the encouragement of others. When we vacation with friends from Atlanta, visit friends in Boston or Minneapolis and host friends from San Fransisco, we realize how much we are part of a diaspora and long for a return to our home country.

Anyway, here are some pictures Kristi took of the weekend. If you have not listened to The Cobalt Season's "hopeful protest music" check them out and support the cause of Independent Musicians that actually write compelling songs.

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Anonymous said...

hey thanks again rick for hosting. it was a great night.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for introducing me to some folks like Cobalt Season (even from up here in Tallahassee). I'm listening to "Unified Theory" as I write this... and smiling.