Thursday, December 27, 2007

take a small step (away from plastic)

My favorite 2 Christmas presents were not really Christmas presents, just things I wanted or needed and the holiday coincided with the purchase of something.

First of all, I got a couple of new water bottles (the metal canteen kind that do not leach). Kristi bought them at the local Organic Food store.

Secondly, due to simple attrition and use elsewhere we were down to 3 canvas bags for use at the grocery store (instead of using those forbidden plastic bags). Since they are too expensive at farmer's markets and stores, we were going to buy them online. However, we had not gotten around to it.

Imagine my surprise when our friend Jen had as her facebook status that she was checking out I headed over to the site and found a great nonprofit that is making and selling bags to use instead of paper or plastic (and providing much needed jobs in India). The bags are free (you pay shipping), but they need donations to survive.

So, make a resolution to give up plastic and paper (which you should have done eons ago). Then take the simple action of going to this site and making a small donation. Then ask for some bags. Then use those bags and spread the word.

Doing the right thing has never been so easy. Plus, the bags come in cool colors, fold into a tiny carrying case with lanyard and come in different designs.

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