Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Boston VS. New York redux

As we prepare ourselves for the Super Bowl match up between the 2 most arrogant cities in America, the rest of the nation must hear an onslaught of Boston vs. New York press, extending to football. It was bad enough for the rest of the country to listen to constant babble from the press regarding the Red Sox and Yankees, now people are beaten into submission by Patriots vs. Giants.

Will it stop?

Heck no. In fact, here is more...

ESPN shows us the logical evidence of a New York Curse of Mo Lewis (the LB that hurt Drew Bledsoe in 2001 giving Tom Brady a path to glory). In this hilariously detailed report, ESPN Researcher Mark Kelly explains that the fortunes of New York sports and Boston sports have been on opposite trajectories since that day (baseball, football and basketball). Read here.

As one unaffected by years spent in Boston, 2 children born in the city and a church I planted there, I am able to look at the competition between the 2 cities from a completely neutral and unbiased position. I can look at the evidence and decide the superiority of 1 city over the other based upon the following factors- and more as I think of the (which, when added up decide the Super Bowl Winner).

Cheers vs. Seinfeld Cheers
As great as Seinfeld is, the most iconic ensemble series of all time is Cheers. Seinfeld was allowed to be itself because of Cheers.

Kennedys vs. Rockefellers Push
Money vs. Power is the central question

Roger Clemens vs.Roger Clemens Boston Clemens
This would be quite close considering the Cy Young and World Series success Clemens had in NYC. However, Roger was juiced in NYC.

Ted Williams vs. Joe DiMaggio Push
Not as close if you add all of the Yankees icons, but quite close between these 2. Career numbers of beloved status make this a push.

Babe Ruth vs. Babe Ruth New York Ruth
People forget how great Ruth was as a Red Sock. Still, it is no contest.

Bill Russell vs. Willis Reed Russell
As much of a mismatch as Ruth vs. Ruth. Knicks basketball has one icon known for 1 great game.

Boston Clam Chowder vs. Manhattan Clam Chowder Boston

Harvard vs. Columbia Harvard

The Departed vs. Goodfellas Departed
We could argue for days on this subject. I will ask Oscar to decide.

Although closer than we would imagine, Boston wins going away. I will continue the contest as the week proceeds.

This post has no original thoughts (do any of my posts). Gary Shelton wrote about the street fight between the cities on Sunday in the St. Pete Times. Read here.

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what about accents? Bahstin vs New Yawk