Monday, January 28, 2008

A Sustainable Faith

If you live within a few hundred miles, don't forget to attend the Sustainable Faith Event (snappy title, huh) this weekend in St. Pete. I am the emcee, which is the best thing about the conference I am sure. However, for only $25 you get more than just my wonderfully snide sense of humor on display (plus wardrobe changes, oh yes)...

Shane Claiborne will be leading 2 plenaries, while Tim Keel and Frank Viola will lead others. A panel discussion will have such luminaries as Danielle Shroyer, Chris Haw, Tim, Frank and Troy Bronsink. Breakout sessions will be lead by everyone previously mentioned and other local legends. Oh, and the one-and-only Spencer Burke will be our guest teaching everyone how to publish their books.

There will be great music, great fellowship, a Super bowl Party, lots of promotion of great sustainable ideas for your church, life, shopping and faith, as well as time to spend in St. Pete getting in touch with their vibe and eating their great food.

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g13 said...

wish i could join you.