Monday, January 14, 2008

Can the Crying Stop?

So, it worked for Hillary- who was reticent enough to remind us that the other candidates were not ready and were wrong..

So, TO, do you think it will work for you? Are you crying because you had no popcorn? It is so nice to see him taking up for a teammate and calling the media unfair to his QB. Just remember, it is not unfair to spread rumors that your QB is gay and tell people your team would be better off with another QB.

This is my favorite moment of the playoffs.

By the way, it is lining up for the Patriots versus the Packers. This could be among the Top 2-3 Super Bowl Matchups of all Time. And I dread it!

My favorite team going for 19-0 against my favorite player going for a final Super Bowl Championship before retiring. No one in America (besides the Pats Nation) will cheer for the Pats.


Dustin said...

my biggest question about the Patriots is this: how much money did the Patriots pay the media outlets to completely sweep the fact that the Patriots were caught cheating this season under the rug? Seriously, all of the sudden after week 5 you never heard anyone say anything else about it.

I would love to see Green Bay beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl for these reasons:

1. The Packers are the exact same team as last year and they were terrible. It would be the most unlikely win in Super Bowl history.

2. The Patriots have an all-star team, seriously, every player. The Packers have Favre and .... hmm. I really have no idea how the Packers keep winning but even as a Bears fan, I'm loving it.

3. I hate Tom Brady because every pass is a a two yard pass to Wes Welker. I could complete 15 passes in a row if I did that every play. Whooptie freaking do. And again, if every single player on your team was all-star caliber it would make Rex Grossman look awesome. Brett Favre's year is much more impressive.

Mike Murrow said...


man i was thinking the same thing this morning on the way to work. i kept thinking that it would be better if one of them didn't make it to the super bowl so i wouldn't have to decide "do i want to see history made in an undefeated pats team or do i want to see the last boyscout win the superbowl?"

but then, how great would it be if he shut down the pats in the super bowl and then left the field and waited quietly for the hall of fame?

Robert said...

love your list of football players you like rick. As a Giants fan, i am thoroughly delighting in the deluge of opinion that the game will be a blowout and another boring bowl. Giants were counted out of making the playoffs, were supposed to be crushed by dallas,(boohoo TO), demolished by the packers, and guess what??? Like Vince Mcmahons theme song majority give the NY football Giants no chance in hell, Bring it on!!! As a Giants, Mets,Rangers and Lakers fan oh the thrill to beat Boston or the general locale Good page here rick