Thursday, January 10, 2008

Can Hillary Cry Herself back to the White House?

best thing I read on the Hillary cry and win strategy, from a woman...

Maureen Dowd of NYT says this:
There was a poignancy about the moment, seeing Hillary crack with exhaustion from decades of yearning to be the principal rather than the plus-one. But there was a whiff of Nixonian self-pity about her choking up. What was moving her so deeply was her recognition that the country was failing to grasp how much it needs her. In a weirdly narcissistic way, she was crying for us. But it was grimly typical of her that what finally made her break down was the prospect of losing.

and this...

Her argument against Obama now boils down to an argument against idealism, which is probably the lowest and most unlikely point to which any Clinton could sink. The people from Hope are arguing against hope.

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Mike Murrow said...

and what is frustrating is it probably worked for her in NH.

i want Obama to win. but because i want him to win, like i wanted KU to win against missouri, like i wanted the sf giants not to be just above average i am afraid my wanting this will doom him.