Monday, January 14, 2008

my favorite football players

Since I just mentioned Brett Favre as 1 of my favorite players ever, I thought I would give you my Top 10 (I have had to watch them, not just hear about them from dad). Yes, I know there is a disproportionate number of FSU Seminoles (sue me).

Honorable mentions include Randall Cunningham, Michael Irvin (on the field only), Rob Moore, Pat Tilley, Neil Lomax, Jim Hart, Walter Payton (played for the wrong team), LT, Doug Williams, Otis Anderson, Eric Dickerson, James Lofton, Ronnie Lott, Marvin Harrison, Donovan McNabb, Jim Plunkett, Kenny Stabler, Marshal Faulk and Deon.

give it a couple of years- Anquan Boldin

10. LeRoy Butler- created the Lambeau Leap and had one of the greatest plays in FSU history (I was there vs. Clemson)

9. Randy Moss- i can care less about his rep (I like AI also). He is the most talented and beautiful receiver I have ever seen.

8. Tom Brady- i cannot explain what it was like to live in Boston and watch an untested 6th round pick lead them to a Super Bowl. I will always be grateful for that.

7. Jerry Rice- delightful to see. His work ethic embarrasses the rest of the world.

6. Derrick Brooks- one of the best Linebackers ever and a great man. What he has done for the community and his alma mater is unparalleled.

5. Joe Montana- watching him made me love the 49ers. If they were behind with 2 minutes I knew they would win (I feel the same about Brady now).

4. Warrick Dunn- Lee Corso said he would never make it in the NFL. He had one of the greatest plays in FSU history and his philanthropy is phenomenal. One of the best people in sports.

3. Steve Young- as a southpaw, I feel a connection to my favorite Mormon of all time. I love to watch him run.

2. Brett Favre- it is all about attitude. If you don't like him, you may need to see if you are human.

1. Barry Sanders- simply the greatest football player I've ever seen. What he did to opposing players with his ankles is a thing of beauty. It is like watching ballet with pads.


Anonymous said...


I was given your name after making a number of blind inquiries via e-mail to mystery people on an "emerging cohort" (whatever that is) website. Before I get to the point I want to comment on your football post:

1. I too am an FSU fan; in fact I was conceived out of wedlock on the campus in 1979. I'm certain that I have now over-shared.
2. Your list of favorite players might be the exact same as mine.
3. There is nothing wrong with having a disproportionate number of noles on that list. It's a scientific fact that most of the great players in the history of the NFL are from Florida State. Seriously.

Anyway, my wife and I just moved to Tampa from Houston where we attended ecclesia. I have been told that you helped to start ecclesia. We've been church hunting for a month and a half with no luck. Do you know of any ecclesia-ish churches in the area.

Thanks for any help you can give,
Robby Day

Alex F said...

I thought Mitt Romney was your favorite Morman....

And with all your FSU guys (who I also like), and your mention of Michael Irvin for his on-field performance only, how could you leave off Deion?