Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Iraq and Global Warming

As we enter the 6th year of the Iraq War I am reminded of how we edit facts to fit our narrative instead of fitting our narrative into the facts surrounding us (we all do this- especially those of us that follow college and professional sports).

I have noticed that many of those that are so quick to disavow the idea of Global Warming are the same people that were supporters of the Iraq War. On GW they tell me that I believe the media and political accounts while they believe real science. In the future they will be justified by the facts of science while my narrative will be crushed when the creeks don't rise.

My question to them is this... In 2003 you fully believed that Iraq had WMDS which have never been found and have been judged by most organizations to have never been there in 2003. In 2003 you believed there was a connection between Iraq and Saddam Hussein which has been disproven by every media and intelligence outlet. You even believed there was a connection between Iraq and Al Qaeda which the pentagon disproved. You believed we would be greeted as liberators. You believed it would be over within weeks, maybe months and would cost less than 1000 million dollars, all of which would be paid for by Iraq's oil reserves. You even believed that an ink stained Iraqi finger would change their country.

Today, you either acknowledge (when no one else is around) you were wrong, keep waiting to be proven right in some alternative universe or believe a narrative based upon desire instead of reality.*

My question is this. If you were so wrong on Iraq, how can you be so sure you are right today on Global Warming? Have you not learned anything? If your trusted media and news sources were so wrong on Iraq, should you not view their "news" on Global Warming a bit suspect?

*I just realized I forgot the most common stance for those supporting the war since Day 1. it is what I call the Mark McGwire stance. Lets not talk about the past. Lets not talk about who was right and wrong. Lets talk about winning now that we are there. The past is not any indication of future judgment. Imagine these folks once the oceans rise, "I am not interested in who was right or wrong, lets just hope the oceans quit rising soon."

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