Thursday, January 08, 2009

Emergent's new National Music Coordinator offers a new feature to his blog

since I am the Emergent Music Guy,* and I question the tastes of many within the EV community, I will try to add something to my blog... a weekly (or so) feature on good cheap music. I will look at Amazon, iTunes, etc. to see if there are any sales on great music for you to explore (New and Old).

I will try to lead you to good albums (mp3s) under $8.

Today's Choices from Amazon's MP3 store

The National Boxer for $6.99 (almost perfect album from 2007, a great year for music- universally considered one of the best albums of the year. Dark, Mellow, Deep, Beautiful- plus the first song was played when Obama walked on stage at Grant Park)

Black Flag Damaged for $2.99 (classic hardcore punk album- for the price you cannot go wrong)

MIA Kala for $6.99 (one of the best albums of the decade according to some. I think it is excellent dance/ Hip Hop/ World/ Pop)

*I am declaring myself National Music Coordinator, unless anyone has a problem with that. So, if you want to get music out to others, send me a copy for review (as long as you don't mind brutal honesty if I think it sucks).


Mike Stavlund said...

I genuflect to you as National Music Coordinator, and look forward to snapping up some serious bargains.

(btw, Bon Iver was $5 at Amazon the other night... or dost thou think it sucks?)

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Music Coordinatorship: I approve of this message.

"Boxer": I also approve. When you first reviewed it, I bravely ordered it on your recommendation and was not ready for how great that album was. "Half awake in a fake empire" is going to haunt me for as long as I am breathing.

Mike Stavlund said...

oh, ho-ho-ho wowww...

I'm kissing both of your rings as I listen to Boxer for the first time.

thanks a million

DJ Word said...

I am glad you guys liked the National so much. I cannot imagine anyone disliking that album.

Thanks for encouragement. Since I am the Emergent guy with a not so serious blog I feel bad sometimes not engaging deep theological matters, but I like to have a bit of fun and hope it is enjoyed.

Mike- I really like Bon Iver. he was in my top 5 for the year. Even though he elcited the best negative review I heard all year...

"I get it. It's cold. You're sad. Get over it."

Anonymous said...

i will be the 1st woman to comment on this post!

OK, so when are you gonna do a video and upload it to Youtube about your new position? :)


DJ Word said...

I am a music guy.. not a video guy. I would have to find a friend to post it for me. I knew I should have never left youth ministry. All the 13 year olds know how to do it and I don't.