Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Super Bowl Reading

I remember the day my Cardinals drafted Larry Fitzgerald out of Pitt. I had followed him all season and knew he was special, as was his story, which included a sportswriter dad, mom that died young of breast cancer and high school years as a ball boy for the Minnesota Vikings. That early affiliation with the Vikings assured me that my Cardinals would get him. Our coach at the time, Dennis Green, was the former Vikings coach and knew the family well.

Since that day, paired with Boldin (an FSU guy), I have watched Larry Fitzgerald finally arrive as the best receiver in the league (he was already there, but no one noticed until these playoffs). As you watch him this week, notice the difference between him and every other big name receiver in the NFL (he is not called "The Anti-TO" for nothing).

Also, here is a nice story Larry and his dad. 


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