Tuesday, January 27, 2009

2 quick things you may be interested in

  • Thanks to Zoe Incarnate's twitter, I caught a free E-Book on the end times. If interested, you send the info to 3 friends and you download a book for free. Not sure how great it is, but I like stuff I have read from the group the author is part of. Click here for information on the book, the group and Mike's posting.

  • Did you catch this a few days ago? My friend Ron sent it to me. It is an article about the dangers of twitter and tweeting information that those reading may take offense at when reading. It is worthy of a read and thought. Link

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Mike Morrell said...

Thanks for posting the link to Kevin's book, Rick! I hope a lot of people give it a read - I've found that it's been a great conversation-starter.