Tuesday, January 27, 2009

on being a Tampa fan of the Arizona Cardinals

I am sure some of you that read my blog cannot wait until the Super Bowl is over. You do not want to read yet another sports related posting. I cannot help it if I have been incredibly lucky as a sports fan with my Cardinals winning the World Series a few years back, my Spurs winning every other year and the great history of the Seminoles. Heck, even my adopted teams (due to proximity) like the Rays and Patriots have had recent success. However, nothing prepared me for the Arizona Cardinals to reach the Super Bowl in Tampa.

Security is tight around the city and the adult businesses are bringing in talent from around the nation. The blimp flew over my house yesterday and the roads are getting clogged. We drove by the stadium on Sunday and it looked like a Taj Ma-(foot)Ball. One day the city looks normal and the next day we look like Beijing during the Olympics. And then there are the Steelers fans.

There are a number of reasons for so many Steelers fans in my city. First of all, many are snowbirds and spend their winters here instead of braving the lake effects snow and ice. Secondly, they are the most successful franchise in NFL history with fans all over the nation, especially in a place like Florida with all the transplants. Arizona is a nice place for retirees, snowbirds and transplants, so they probably have as many Steelers as Cardinals. However, this is getting ridiculous.

I was looking for some newer Cardinals paraphernalia to mark the occasion and to wear on Sunday and could find nothing beyond a $100 Kurt Warner "jersey" and the Super Bowl crap with both teams (or the NFC Champion shirt- I am waiting for World Champion shirt) emblazoning the front. I mean nothing is here. I can get shot glasses, mugs, sunglasses, thongs, onesies and holsters in the yellow and black of the Steelers, but nary a thing of interest with the Cardinals on it. Sure, they have sucked forever and have no fan base, but they will be here in a few days (and people love to jump on bandwagons) so don't make it look so much like Pennsylvania around here.

I was looking for a place to watch the game, since Super Bowl tickets are looking more and more unlikely (where can a Tampa resident that loves the Cardinals get some love?) and found no bars hosting Cardinals fans. Sure, some "fans" will be there on Sunday rooting against Pittsburgh, but nothing for real fans. Of course, in the paper they listed 20 bars for Steelers fans.

So, what do I do? I can watch it at home or with people that don't care about the game. Or I can get my butt handed to me at a Steelers bar. Gentry thinks I should stand outside the stadium and beg (but, if that does not work I miss the game). I really need someone from the Tribune or St. Pete Times to do a story on me and get me into the game. Hey newspapers and TV stations. find me. I am right here! Give me tickets!

I would be a great correspondent as the Tampa Cardinals fan at the game.

Go Cards! Steelers Suck (unless they are playing the Cowboys)!

* I am mentioning the media outlets here, just in case they google themselves (News Channel 8. WFLA, Tampa Tribune, TBT, Creative Loafing, WTVT, Bay News 9, WTSP, WFTS, ESPN, WMOR, WTOG, WTTA, WWBA, WLVU.


RDF said...


Why don't you e-mail Jay Leno or send him an audition video. Maybe you could back up Ross the intern at the Super Bowl. I'm only half kidding. Did you contact the Phoenix media (If those are their call letters, sorry. Not familiar with the AZ stations. Also, 93.3 (MJ) are giving some away. I'm sure the task to get them would only be mildly degrading.

Best of luck getting a ticket, although I hope the Steelers throttle them.


kristi said...

now that you found the place that is boasting to be the AZ headquarters, you should post it here so local cards fans will know where to go.

and let's hope we don't see any steelers fans running around in those team thongs (ron).

RDF said...