Monday, April 13, 2009

interesting Arcade Fire quotes

Quotes from Arcade Fire, usually Winn Butler, that I find intriguing (though most of them are not as compelling as the quotes from the previous article)-

on performing: “A good percentage of rock bands, when they perform it’s a totally sexual thing. But I don’t think we’re that sexual. At least that’s not what we’re singing about or acting out. On a goodnight, it’s more like the ecstasy of St. Theresa.”

on how the band makes decisions: "We basically share the same general vision. It's not quite the Quakers, where you have to be unanimous. I guess we're a democratic republic, a federal system."

why they remind me of the emerging church world and its ethos, instead of the modern megachurch system: (Richard Reed Perry- multi-instrumentalist): "We're trying to navigate a culture where people manufacture a lot of garbage. The goal is not to sell the most records or be the most famous. I think everybody in our band thinks we're trying to do something that's real and has some lasting value to it."

on community: "Boarding school, the army, or church are the only places where people are forced to be in a community with people they wouldn't choose to be. I think it's valuable to be in a community with people you have nothing in common with."

"The band is definitely a community. The bands that last are the ones that realize that and put priority on that first. But it's the same principle with a two-piece band. In a large band, there's just more relationships to maintain."

on religion: "There are things about organized religion that I find interesting. I'd probably have a more interesting conversation with the Pope than with Howard Stern. I think that people mistake describing something for understanding it- that happens in religion a lot. There's a lot of metaphorical language in the Bible, but I think that the human imagination isn't equipped to deal with the idea of eternal life."

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