Friday, June 26, 2009

best so far in 2009, The Low Anthem

I am still soaking in the radiant goodness of this album, so my thoughts are less cohesive than they are for the other top albums of 2009 (so far). Since I hate the Immediestas,* I don't like to comment too early on an album, allowing time for it to sink in and the layers to become evident. That said I can already tell this is a special album, the one that people will be comparing to Fleet Foxes and Bon Iver, last year's It, blog buzz bands.

The Low Anthem's Oh My God, Charlie Darwin, originally released last year and now remastered for wider audience, fits firmly in the early 70's Americana world of Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine and Blind Pilot bowing at the alter of Nick Drake. Unlike Fleet Foxes, this is not an album of precious pastoral hymns to a spring meadow someplace. It is a bit darker and more haunting, especially on the opening cut, Charlie Darwin, a hymn to disbelief. Something else that separates this band from the others mentioned is the fact that they are unafraid to turn on the amps and rock every once in a while (thank God. I am so sick of earnest folk music, even by those I like, lacking any testosterone).

This has the potential to be the top album of 2009. I need to listen a bit more before deciding. However, it is already something I can strongly recommend as one of the best things I have heard this year.

Listen/ Watch here and don't take my word for it. Decide for yourself (this album needs less salesmanship from me than the other top albums of the year, so far).

Buy the album here.

I love the lyrics of the song Charlie Darwin

I hope you think they are as beautiful as I do.

* my own word- meaning those bloggers that demand we judge or report on anything quickly- just so they can be first to a source and ruin nuance (see Pitchfork, Iran and Ain't It Cool News)

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Steve Valenta said...

Look, I have nothing to say - other than thank you for the music. It's great. You keep me busy and don't disappoint. So, thanks for the music recommendations. We really appreciate it. All of it - it's great.