Friday, April 22, 2005

California Idiocy

Is it just me or is The Los Angelos Angels of Anehiem the most pretensious, ridiculously stupid name in sports history?

I refuse to say this name. Luckily, I am not a fan or I would quit being one. With this logic, the Patriots should be the Boston Patriots of Foxboro. In my home town we have the Tampa Bay Devil Rays of St. Petersburg. In the Miami area we have the Miami Marlins of Fort Lauderdale.

What are they thinking. I thought I would give it a chance. Or, they would quit using this name. But, no. Is there a mounted protest or are the people of Southern California sitting this one out. C'mon. Can't they get an amendment or ballot initiative happening? What about a recall?

The Orange County Angels is not that bad a name is it? Do Latinos laugh at the prospect of cheering for the City of Angels Angels? This is really bugging me.


g13 said...

i think they should go the corporate sponsorship route and change their name to the orange county choppers.

in all seriousness, the change to LAA doesn't bother me half as much as "the nationals." wtf were they thinking. but you've heard my rant about this before.

pete said...

Maybe in professional sports. I think the stupidest name is the Friends University Fighting Quakers.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what about the old name for the D.C. team--the Senators? Pretty funny if they would have come back with that one . . .

Or, what about the Tennessee Volunteers? Since I do not know the story on that one, maybe I should not say too much.

I am pretty disappointed in myself for going on this long about the whole thing.

What I started out to say was--Just let it go. Go back to being poetic about the play in sports. Criticizing the name does not seem like your style but, hey, it's your blog.:)

Alan said...

Being a L.A. local, I have to say that L.A. sports fans don't seem to care. I mean, come on, when the Angels were in the World Series against the Giants, didn't you see all those smiling faces? They were smiling because they'd never worn red before and they liked it.

L.A. sports fans suck.

My friends and I have joked about the new name for the Angels. We think they should've gone further. The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Right off the 57 Freeway and Katella Ave. Now that's a name.

Deborah White said...

It's a dumb name change, one designed only for TV exposure and revenues, as it means nothing to us locals.