Monday, April 25, 2005

Turn Off Your TV (and read about poverty)

James Wilcox of my former church in Boston has an insightful blog regarding the holes in the conservative argument for no government help for the poor (you know, the church should do it. The government should not be involved. Individuals should do it). Sure, in a perfect world the government should not be involved and it should be taken care of by churches and individuals. But, in a perfect world, the church would not drop the ball and bosses would pay a fair wage to employees. There would also not be such a thing as greed (in a perfect world).

Here it is.

In case you did not know it, TV Turnoff week started today. I am glad it did not start until after this week's episode of The Contender. It is time for detox from the rampant commercialism influencing our lives. It is a difficult proposition for many of us. However, those with a liberal interpretation may still be allowed to watch DVDs and even the news (it is kinda like being a vegan, a vegetarian and eating no red meat). Do whatever you can.

Luckily for us, we can totally cheat. I love TiVo (I will just record the 4 shows I watch and see them later). Spread the word.


Alex F said...

Our church has "Kill Your TV Cultivate Beauty" Month in April. I'm not perfect at it though. if you're curious.

james said...

Thanks for the update on the Turn off the TV thing. Even though I might be late, I will see about working this into our week. Glad you enjoyed my post.