Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Call for an Important Moratorium

After a couple of days drenched in the acid rain of politics, I am on to more important matters. Never mind my calls for a moratorium on capital punishment, tax cuts or wars. A law must be enacted to put a stop to Astros' pitchers in the All Star game. Immediately!

For the 2nd year in a row, the National leagues Home Field advantage in the World Series (and consequently, my beloved Cardinal's) has been handed to the American league by an Astro's pitcher.

Last year Clemens parties all week and allows 6 or 7 runs in inning 1. This year, after a wonderful inning by Carpenter and 1 run allowed by Smoltz, Roy Oswalt of the Astros lets the flood gates be opened and ruins any chance of a NL win.

Is it a plot by the Astros who know the Cardinals will win the pennant? Should there be a moratorium on Astros' pitchers in the All Star game? Can a congressional committee hold hearings on this subject?

Where is the outcry and the justice?


Jeremy Del Rio said...

Don't blame the 'stros for the redbirds' failures in last year's World Series. They did a fine enough job blowing that on their own -- a preview, no doubt, for what awaits them in 2005.

Viva los Yankees!

Alex F said...

I thought Eric Gagne blew it last year... or maybe that was two years ago?

g13 said...

rick, i was just as frustrated as you were.

alex, that was two years ago.

jeremy, is that spanish for "f--k the yankees?" if so, i'll incorporate it into my jeers this evening.

Anonymous said...

lol... I just wish that home field advantage wasn't determined by one exhibition game. That home field advantage would be awfully nice when the post-season comes - and everybody knows the Cards have the best fans! : )