Wednesday, February 13, 2008

What Bono Gave Up for Lent

so, I cannot stop doing this (and more is to come)...

What Bono Gave Up for Lent

1. Wild Horse Riding
2. Getting stuck in moments he is unable to get out of
3. Running to a stand still
4. Finding what he is looking for
5. Holding me, Thrilling me, Kissing me, Killing me
6. Looking for Nameless Streets
7. His desire
8. Making it on his own
9. Waking up dead men
10. Walking on

I know they are not as good as McSweeney lists, but I am enjoying myself


kristi said...

re: #5, i did not realize you and bono were that close...someone could have clued me in, being the spouse and all...

Unknown said...

Rick, I have enjoyed reading lists ever since you handed me that David Letterman book 20+ yrs ago(we couldn't get NBC out on the river), and I had never heard of him. To this day I scour the media world in search of humorous lists. Right now I am kinda stuck on and its photoshop contests, though...