Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Christian Right and the F-Bomb

In case you had not heard, Dick Cheney emerged from his lair last week to drop a bomb on the Senate (an F-Bomb). Curiously, I have heard nothing from my friends on the Christian Right regarding this latest breach of civility.

Now I am no prude, but I must say that expect my VP, who is known to have very salty language in private, to watch his mouth in public. I do not like the idea of the President and Vice President of our nation using language reserved for stand up comics and R-rated movies. I especially don't like those older than 60 using such language. There is something unseemly about a respected public official pushing retirement telling a fellow public official to "have sexual relations with himself." What happened to the notion of Elder Statesmen. Once again this is what separates the Boomer Presidents from the leaders of the past.

It reminds me of Sean Connery in the movie, The Rock, not one of my favorites. I remember watching Uncle Sean speaking of sex in very explicit terms and being bothered immensely. Would it have bothered me as much coming from the mouth of Nic Cage? Probably not. I would expect it from a fairly immature character raised on today's entertainment. But, someone from a more refined time? Please, set a good example for me and my generation. We do not want to be speaking in such terms when we should be on a golf course trying to shoot our age.

Of course, the religious right is silent when the Bush administration acts in away contrary to Christian teachings. We are up in arms when Janet bares a breast or when Bono uses the same word in a much more Irish manner. In fact, we want him fined. But, when the President calls someone an "---hole" or when the VP tells a respected Senator to "Go ---- yourself" we say nothing.

Once again we have shown why we have lost our prophetic voice in the public arena. We only speak out when the "OTHER SIDE" does something inappropriate. But, when "OUR SIDE" has a policy or behavior that is indefensible. We inevitably defend it or are silent.

Again, when we should be speaking out like Nathan did in the face of the most popular king Israel had ever seen. We should be taking the lead of Amos and Jeremiah, but instead we look to Balaam for our lead.

I think I will be pointing out our Balaam-esque Behavior periodically.


g13 said...
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james said...

Well spoken my friend. As always a fitting thought for the masses.