Friday, June 18, 2004

Fog of War

A couple of weeks ago my friend Jeff Gentry visited from Boston.

While here, we checked out the documentary Fog of War, which tells the story of Robert McNamara. It is the fascinating story of a young man who changed the way the United States fought wars during WWII, innovated many safety changes while CEO of Ford and led the US into Vietnam during his time as Secretary of Defense under Kennedy and Johnson.

I highly recommend this DVD for anyone interested in what we can learn from the mistakes of our predecessors regarding war and peace.

Most fascinating is the "lessons" McNamara gives during the film. Some of the 11 Lessons include, "Empathize with your enemy", "Rationality Will Not Save Us", "Belief and Seeing are both often Wrong", "Be Prepared to Re-examine Your Reasoning" and "You Can't Change Human Nature."

If, like me, you see that these lessons, along with the others, would serve today's leaders well, you may also think that everyone, especially the church, could learn from these lessons.

Watch the Film. Examine the Lessons. Evaluate Your Nations Leaders, Your Church's Leaders and Yourself in light of those lessons. At least that is what I took from the movie (won and Academy Award also).

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