Saturday, June 19, 2004

One good thing about Florida

I must say, the change from New England to Florida has been a shock. There is heat, humidity, transplants always commenting on why Florida is better than where they are from, along with bugs.

Boston does not have bugs (okay they do have bugs but not that many). So far, we have put in hundreds of roach traps (not that many, but more than in Boston) for the palmetto bugs and roaches. Outside, along with the wonderful lizards and geckos, we have mosquitoes (all over our back yard).

With all of these detractors, what could make Florida worthwhile? The pictures below are an indication of the best thing about our present condition. While we have not found civilization in St. Pete, we havve found the ability to spend the day at some of the best beaches in the nation (according to Dr. Beach and many magazines). We are only 15-20 minutes from great beaches (and a five minutes walk from the bay). The not-so-nice beaches are less that 10 minutes away.

I must say that spending $2 for parking and $1 for tolls to spend the day at the beach is one of the best family values known to humanity.

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g13 said...

thanks for posting the pictures. the kids look beautiful, as always.