Monday, June 21, 2004

Where is Jesus?

Gillian, our 2 1/2 year old today asked the question, "where is Jesus?"

Now, there is an interesting concept to explain to a toddler. Kristi tried to explain it earlier and gave me a chance at dinner. So, after much thought, I calmly gave a dissertation (with small words) on the complexities of the Incarnation, followed by a soliloquy regarding the resurrection (Mel, you might want to look into that one) and the ascension with a quick word on the Holy Spirit and how we can communicate with Jesus in that manner.

Actually, I just said "he is right here with us." She acted like she understood. Yeah, right. I could explain that he is like your imaginary friend, except he actually exists.

I am sure the questions get deeper from now on. Hopefully we will spend a few years in the concrete before staying in the abstract concepts of theology.

1 comment:

g13 said...

how did you explain his descent into hell and preaching to the spirits in prision? did you simply say that Jesus was hibernating?

seriously, it was a blessing to hear of her interest. you have been blessed with two incredible kids.