Tuesday, July 20, 2004

A poem, courtesy of Calvin Trillin

from Calvin Trillin's book of political verse entitled Obliviously on He Sails (which takes its name from the poem inspired by the release of George W Bush's transcripts from Yale..."Obliviously on he sails, with makrs not quite as good as Quayle's.")...
Everything George Bush Needs To Know he Learned on the Playground
Let's say that from the east while you look south
An icy snowball hits you in the mouth.
You see the kid who did it run, the wretch,
But he proves quite impossible to catch.
He's gone. So you, your anger quite unsated,
Beat up another kid you've always hated.
You hit him from above and underneath.
Then smash his nose and rearrange his teeth.
Yes, pound on him until that dreadful punk'll
Have no alternative to crying uncle.
Though he is not the wretch too fast too chase,
it's hard to tell once you've smashed his face.
-April 28, 2003

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Jason said...

Wow! Bennett is blogging! Very excited. Miss you a bunch. Please email me sometime: jasonevans@gmail.com. Would love to catch up.