Thursday, August 05, 2004

Best Thing About Florida

Although we still do not know if we like living in Florida after all of these years away, there is one great thing about living in the south once again, especially in Florida. I am able to slowly spend time with old friends and family, many of which I have not seen in years.

Last night Kristi and I were able to spend the evening with one of my best friends in the world and his wife (another friend for whom I am grateful). I went to high school and church with Mike Houghton and we were roommates for a year in college.

Kristi and I had not seen them in over 3 years. They had never seen our kids.

It is good to see those friends that you are always on the same plane as. Over the years, I have seen myself and old friends change and move apart in many ways. I do not stay in as close contact with my 10 and 20 year friends as I should. However, Mike and I always understand each other and see life through similar lenses, even though our lives have intersected on few occasions during the past 10+ years.

I thank God for old friends in Florida.

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