Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Bush daughters vs. Kerry daughters

Due to the fact that I watched a lot of the Democratic National Convention I felt, due to Equal Time rules, I needed to spend time with the Republicans.

So far, I am less than impressed. I enjoyed Ahhhhrnold and his self referential speech (especially the "terminate terrorism" and "girly man" lines) although he was so inclusive with his "if you believe.... then you are a Republican" that JFK, Clinton and FDR would qualify.

At least the tone was classier than last night's "When Popular Moderates Attack" with Giuliani and my hero John McCain. Also, I think they should have focused on September 11 a little more (I mean this is NYC). There is no way this can be a cynical ploy to exploit the memory of 9/11.

Which brings me to tonight's question. Who do you like better, the Kerry daughters or the Bush daughters? I think this is the new "Ginger or Mary Ann." Can you be a Republican and like the Kerry daughters?

I mean, C'mon. Do we really need to see these guys' daughters giving speeches about their dads? Is there anything more disingenuous? And which is worse, telling the world about hamsters your dad has saved or making jokes about your trouble with the law, "Sex and the City" and your prudish grandma?

So between attack ads, we need to know these men are also human beings who have cute daughters with great hair, fashionable outfits and a sense of humor.


g13 said...

i actually don't find the bush girls all that attractive. i think too much of their namesake beer has started going to their hips.

it's time for SNL to go chelsea on them. the skit could be called, bush girls on binge diets.

james said...

In all seriousness I have to say I was excited to hear your hero speak. A grave disappointment at best. Here's to hoping I don't have to lump McCain into the same category as Powell. I really don't want to do that!