Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Charley Cleanup

I am not cut out for assembly line work. I realized this once more on Sunday during Hurricane Charley Disaster Relief.

Our job on Sunday was to clean out those red coolers that we see relief workers serving food from on television. Just to let you know, there are a lot of those coolers out there. Hundreds. For about 4 hours on Sunday I walked a short line from a huge bucket where a guy was using a high speed sprayer to clean chili, corn and beans from red Red Cross coolers (they have some cool name I forget) to a large bucket (and I do mean large- think small swimming pool) to dip them into.

I think I forgot my name a few times. It was also raining. So here I am with hot spray, sweat, rain, chili, beans and corn all over me. Did I mention that I am a germophobe? Did I also mention that I am incredibly lazy? Did I mention that I went to grad school so I would never have to do anything like this?

Anyway, it is amazing how well organized this Relief organization is. I had thought about feeding people, but never about the need to clean hundreds of coolers between meals. I am just glad they do not get to use this wonderful organization very often.

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