Thursday, August 12, 2004

Hurricane Party (or Uncle Charley's Revenge)

In case any of our dear friends are concerned, yes Hurricane Charley bears down upon the Bennett family. First of all I would like to thank all of our dear friends and family who have called today to check up on us. I know that you watch the Weather Channel (MTV for old people). It is nice to know so many people are concerned and want us to stay with them (I do not want to look at my cellular bill after today).

In the past 24 hours I have been to the grocery store 3 times and Home Depot 2 times. Tomorrow I return to Home Depot with my father. I have bought gallons of water, plywood, sandbags, batteries and many other things. I have taken apart a Little Tykes slide and put in a shed. I have taped windows, filled sandbags, loaded a car and sweated more than I have in a long time. I have spent too much money.

It was quite interesting to lock up a house and put sandbags in front of the doors before leaving town with my family (computer CPU in Kristi's lap). I knew many back ways out of town and it still took a couple of hours to go less than 50 miles. Tonight we stay in Hudson with my parents and I help my dad put plywood on his windows in the morning. We will know tomorrow morning if we have to evacuate my parent's home.

If so, we will spend the night in Orlando before returning to assess damage. I usually do not ask for prayer requests on my blog (in fact I never have), but I will do that today. Pray we get out okay.

Of course, I ask that damage to the area is minimal. I also ask for safety for all people of the area, especially those I know (selfish, huh). I also ask that looting is kept to a minimum.

Personally, we have decided that all of our stuff is just that (stuff). However, if God chooses not to show us His infinite love by drawing us away from our earthy possessions I will be happier. We were not able to grab some of our sentimental pictures, etc. and we are concerned about those things. I am also concerned for the family (everyone is pretty nervous, which makes me nervous- hurricanes don't scare me).

We are also concerned about some trees around our house that are not in great shape and many of the boats in the marina next door, as well as the likelihood of flooding from storm surge (we are 3 blocks from the bay). We were unable to board up our windows. Of course it could be days before power comes on and we are able to get into the house.

Luckily the storm comes ashore during low tide and the eye is no longer directly over the house. Well, that is that. I will let you know as soon as I know something. I am probably babbling because I am very tired and have been moving 70 mph since this morning.

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g13 said...

it was good to talk with you this morning. i will be in prayer for you and yours throughout the day.