Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Marijuana usage and CMT

I have heard all of the studies throughout the years that marijuana usage kills brain cells. I have heard that a certain amount of cells die each time a person lights a joint. I have even heard that brain damage can occur after only 1 or 2 times.

However, I would like to know if the US government has ever done a study into the damage done to the brain by watching videos on CMT (Country Music Television). I know the link must be as strong as marijuana usage, alcohol consumption or excessive exposure to radioactive materials.

I am sure of this because I watched 10 minutes of CMT earlier today (at least I think I am sure of this- I probably need tests to be assured). Ten more minutes and the chance I would ever attain a PhD may have faded like away like Garth Brooks' career. As you know, I have nothing against Country Music per se (at least not the country music of Johnny Cash, Dwight Yoakum, Merle Haggard and all bluegrass artists). I just hate 90 % of the country on radio and from Nashville, which bears little in common with country of the 40s-80s. However, what I experienced in 10 minutes today set civilization back at least 40 years (pre-Civil Rights act).

I saw 3 videos. Kenny Chesney's I Go Back, with its typically trite nostalgia longing for a world that never existed (it is ironic that these rich suburban musicians long for cotton fields, front porches and Mayberry. I lived this childhood and do not want to return. They also want to return to a simpler time when prayer was in schools and blacks had no rights- can't have 1 1950s without the other), was the best song of the 3 (other than the Christ pose Chesney strikes at the end of the video- very Creedlike). As usual with such pseudo-nostalgia country, Chesney mixes messages of death, sex, partying and "a pew,preacher, and a choir Singin bout God, brimstone, and fire." You have to love country philosophy which always juxtaposes Christianity, alcohol and sex.

At this moment the damage had not yet occurred, but my stupidity immune system was damaged. Hopefully I could press the remote before the cells started to disintegrate. No luck. Next up was a cheery fellow by the name of Darryl Worley. Darryl is concerned that Toby Keith waters down his messages a little too much. In fact, after Have You Forgotten? (if you click on this site you will get the full glory of the lyrical content and be lucky enough to hear the song for yourself- severe brain damage alert- be forewarned) I long for the subtly of Toby Keith's "boot in your ass its the American way" and Greenwod's "proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free"- the most backhanded compliment I have ever heard.

In this song, Worley advocates watching 9/11 footage daily. He actually rhymes the words "forgotten" and "Bin Laden." The full glory of this song must be experienced for yourself. Please click here for lyrics and preview of the song. You only think I am making this up. Again please be warned for severe brain damage potential is on this site. You may need one of those foil helmets Joaquin Phoenix wore in Signs to protect yourself.

Lastly, though certainly leastly was an earnest young singer who would not look out of place in Hanson or a Calvin Klein ad, Joe Nichols. Despite an attempt to look like anything but a country singer, Nichols is a neo-traditionalist (at least that is what his website says- I think it is a little like "neo-con" for musicians) whose lyrics look like Dylan when compared to Worley. In his 3 Act play, If Nobody Believed in You, Nichols takes us literally down the slippery slope towards a nation with a God who, like a young boy whose father did not believe he could play baseball and an elderly man whose son thought he could not drive (probably the same commie atheistic gay marriage approving Democrat from the 1st act), may quit trying in America because "nobody believes in him (get it, huh, huh?)"- a direct attack on the attempt to take "under God" out of the pledge or The Ten Commandments out of an Alabama courthouse.

In case Fallwell is too subtle for you...

We take His name out of schools.
The lawyers say it breaks the rules.
Pledge of allegiance can't be writ,An' under God, should not be said.
I wonder how He will take.
I just pray it's not too late.
What if God quit tryin',He just turned away?

There were teardrops on his face?Tell me, how would you feel?
You'd probably give up too,If nobody believed in you.
Tell me, how would you feel?

You'd probably give up too,If nobody believed in you.

I am so glad that my faith in Christ, my theology and my politics are not bound together by some trivial Country Boy Nashville philosophy and insulting banal thoughtless lyrics which will probably be repeated by some preacher or politician before asking for money.

Johnny Cash would be disgusted. Look here to see his feelings on the state of Nashville country. Johnny knew his theology and Johnny knew good music. Willie probably had to roll another one upon hearing these songs denigrating everything he built.

Would someone please fund my study? I will help with the grant. I am sure Willie Nelson will be available for testing.


james said...

Well spoken. Two thoughts. 1) Country Music is the bastard child of Bluegrass. Let's not make the mistake of confusing the two. 2) Stop inbreeding by banning country music.

g13 said...

my appreciation for your prose is only limited by the revelation that you watch cmt.

miah said...

i just visited nashville and it's officially the wierdest town i've ever been it. it can't make up it's mind what it wants to be. the last good country music song i heard was...um...wow. never mind.