Friday, August 06, 2004

Music Reviews

Any month that brings with it the latest music from Wilco, Badly Drawn Boy, Jim White, The Roots, Todd Snider, Sam Phillips and Pedro the Lion should mean that Christmas is around the corner. But, alaa, at Christmas comes the latest from the Britney Spears, Xtina and John Tesh's of the world. Give me August any day.

I am still digesting the music and have a paragraph or so on each of the following newer projects at another site for those that want more depth. Link here for fuller reviews in the near future.

Todd Snider's East Nashville Skyline the downward journey continues, but a few songs are brilliant

Badly Drawn Boy's One Plus One is One always refreshing and more beautiful British pop than anyone else.

Jim White's Drill a Hole in That Substrate & Tell Me What You See more psycho-spiritual plumbing of the darkness childhood fundamentalism can bring out in a musician. It is more realized (consistent) and beautiful than his other projects. Unlike anything else out there.

Wilco's A Ghost is Born no other American band drags its audience along like these guys. More accessible (barely) than the brilliant Yankee Foxtrot Hotel.

The Root's Tipping Point nothing as catchy as Seed no. 1 but this is what hip-hop and soul should always sound like. Not for 50 Cent fans.

Beastie Boys' To the Five Boroughs a little weak with too much language. But some funny stuff.

Sam Phillips' A Boot and A Shoe best since Martinis and Bikinis (though not as good). Moody. For fans of Over the Rhine.

Kanye West's College Dropout the future of rap. This is a great CD and Jesus Walks is the best explicitly Christian hit on the radio since Tennessee by Arrested Development. Language warning!

Magnetic Fields' I still soaking in this strange wonder. Every song has I in the title. Singer's voice is like reminds me of Crash Test Dummies.

Grant Lee Phillips' Virginia Creeper wonderful music from one of my favorite singers. Kind of alternative folk

Modest Mouse's Good News for People Who Love Bad News Pixies meets Talking Heads. Fun CD with lots of positive messages (a surprise from a dark band).

Willard Grant Conspiracy's Regard the End you have heard them in the movie Stuck on You. Ruminations on death (many of the songs are old folk tunes). The best adult song regarding sex since Bill Mallonee's Love cocoon. A Boston band of traditionalist folkies.

Iron and Wine's Our Endless Numbered Days very good young folk artist who has great images in his lyrics.

Hanson's Underneath a little disappointing after the great leap forward of the last CD. Good tunes. Still think they have a Pet Sounds in them.

Thursday's War All the Time what emo/ harcore should be like. Emotional, smart, disturbing and a good pop sensibility. He yells with the best of them.

Dave Crowder Band's Illuminate nothing touches the first independent CD. Nothing as dumb as Our Love is Loud (or whatever that song was). In the days of Mercy Me and Kutless it is like listening to the Beatles of worship music, but still some of the sentiments are a little trite. I know they have a fully developed CD with great lyrics in them.

I have not fully digested the latest Pedro or Deathcab for Cutie enough to review them.

Any music you would like to suggest? Do you disagree?


Anonymous said...
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kidpositive said...

Knowing your love for talking about these things, I'd like to see you write a bit more for your reviews than just the few lines per act. Particularly, could you go more in depth of what you like/dislike about Badly Drawn Boy's latest release?

g13 said...

pastor rick,

even though i know precious little about music, i enjoy reading your reviews. i really think that you should start writing or freelancing for rags like relevant. there are a number of rags out there that could use some substance to go with their style.