Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Friend's Blogs and Music

I will be adding these to my sidebars in the near future, but I wanted to let you know of some blogs and music that friends of mine are creating.

First of all some new music
1. One of my closest friends has a band some of you may know, called Smalltown Poets. They have a new CD coming out in October. Check out http://www.smalltownpoets.com/ for info.

2. My friend and neighbor Jayme Ivison has a band with a vision (TO CONQUER THE WORLD) and a cool website with info on the band. Check out http://www.ivisonmusic.com/.

3. Another close friend and music leader at a former church has a nother great CD out right now. His website is http://www.robbieseayband.com/. He actually writes modern hymns, not just worship songs (huge difference).

4. A friend from Emergent is a singer songwriter. His website is http://www.troybronsink.com/.

Secondly some blogs for your perusal...
1. A new friend whom I have never met (she was kind enough to add me to her page) with a very good blog (from a Christian perspective from the slight left- to warn you who do not want to read anything you do not agree with) has a blog called http://www.heartsoulandhumor.blogspot.com/

2. Some old friends who are spending a couple of years as English Teachers in China. http://www.foureggrolls.blogspot.com/

3. An Emergent Friend that I would follow anywhere. His name is Tim Conder. http://timconder.typepad.com/

4. Another Emergent friend that likes to talk about deep theological stuff that I barely understand. I remember those seminary days when I thought about stuff.http://www.for-the-time-being.blogspot.com/. There are some interesting things written about the Theological Conversation with Walter Brueggemann we went to a couple of weeks ago. He actually took notes. Check out the Theses, if you are into that sort of stuff.

5. The website/ blog of one of my closest friends in the world, whom I went to High School with, went to church with and roomed with for a while in college. He is a wonderful artist, dad, thinker, designer, etc. http://www.ebenezerstone.org/. He asked hard questions before anyone else I knew.

6. Finally my friend Alex, whom comes from a slightly right perspecitve. See, I am fair and balanced. He was a church planter in Boston and we worked together for a while. He is a PhD student at Southern Seminary. http://alexforrest.blogspot.com/

Hope you enjoy more ways to waste time on the web!

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