Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A Conservative Newspaper Does Not Endorse Bush

I meant to publish this last week.

In case all of my Republican friends think I am a communist terrorist loving unpatriotic anti-Christian who can't follow the orders given to me by the leaders of my denomination and Fox News by not supporting Bush, I would like to turn your attention to this editorial by the conservative newspaper of the town I live in, the Tampa Tribune.

The Tribune is a self-described conservative newspaper (the St. Pete Times, a superior paper, is the "liberal" rag), that has endorsed every single Republican that ran for president since 1952 (outside of 1964, when they endorsed noone). However, due to the fact that the Tribune is a newspaper, which by its very nature looks at the facts and hopefully thinks for itself, as opposed to supporting whomever the Republicans put in front of them, sees the job Bush has done and finds itself unable to endorse him.

As principled conservatives, who understand the principles of conservatism (i.e. Pat Buchanon, Brent Scowcroft, the list could go on), as opposed to partisans that believe whatever their side says (i.e. Hannity, Limbaugh, Falwell) the Tribune has seen the actions of Bush as contrary to his stated goals, the goals of historical conservatism, the needs of the USA, the needs of the world, the founding principles of our nation, along with the constitution, Bill of Rights and common sense (sorry for the semi-rant).

I ask anyone (especially those who consider themselves conservative) to read this lucid articulation of why Bush is not every conservatives choice for the president. By the way, they do not endorse Kerry either.

Here is another link to the article.

By the way, we voted early and electronically (in Florida) and hopefully our vote will be counted and not suppressed. It is cool to know that your vote counts. I even got my parents to vote the same way Kristi and I did.


Alex F said...

I like you, Rick, and I generally like reading your blog. So take this the right way when I say there are times when you just come across as very very condescending. It is possible that my vote for George Bush will have nothing to do with orders from some theologically conservative denomination or from Fox News, just as a vote for Kerry would not necessarily be dependent upon orders from some theologically liberal denomination and CNN/CBS. And I won't label you a commie if you won't label me a lemming or a Nazi.

Actually, I'm curious about your vote, though I doubt you'd ever publicly say. I'm inclined to think that you did NOT vote for Kerry, though you talk a good game, leaving me to wonder if you went for Bush or a 3rd party.

The article was interesting, and I agree with much of it. Like I said, I'm not voting for Bush blindly. In this election, however, it seems that if you don't vote Bush you are making a de facto vote for Kerry, and vice versa. Not that it matters in my state... but it does in yours.

Rick said...

I am quite condescening most of the time when writing on my blog.


I did not vote for Bush, under no circumstances, ever.