Monday, November 08, 2004

Emergent Election Gossip

Just to increase traffic and to have a little fun at the expense of my friends in light of the election last week, I have decided to read the minds of some of the most active Emergent leaders and contributors and guess who they voted for in the election last week. Acutally I am not guessing how people vote.

One of the wonders of this new Electronic voting is anyone with a good internet connection, the right program on their computer (thanks to my former worship leader in Boston, a PhD at MIT) and a little gumption (all I had to do was tap into Ashcroft's website) and viola, we know how you voted.

With due credit to Doug Pagitt I will designate each Emergent leader'a choice with a W (Our illustrious President) or an F (John F. Kerry). Here is what I think (um, know)...

Doug Pagitt- W (just read his blog- he hates terrorists)
Rudy Curassco- W (only because he ate dinner with W a few years ago)
Mark Scandrette- F (if he voted)
Brian McLaren- F (he has written for Sojourner magazine and Jim Wallis attends his church)
Chris Seay- W (Texas Boy)
Tony Jones- F (just to mess with his In-Laws, plus he attended an Ivy League school not called Yale)
Spencer Burke- F (believes Bush is tapping his computer- which he may be)
MarkO- W (he lives in SoCal and heads up an International Corporation)
Dan Kimball- W (but felt bad about it, just a hunch)
Laci- F (oh, I know)
Tim Conder- F (lives in Chapel Hill, NC- they don't allow Bush supporters there)
Andrew Jones- lives in Europe, woulda voted for Bush
Ivy Beckwith- F (c'mon, she has lived in New England and Minnesota)
Jason Clark- Tony Blair
Michael Toy- F (NoCaller)
Troy Bronsink- F (went to a PCUSA seminary, lives in community, is a folk singer- you do the math)
Holly Rankin Zaher- F (lives in Pittsburg area-remember Penn is Pittsburg and Philly with Alabama in the middle, Episcopal)
Tim Keel-Stood in the voting booth for an exceptinally long time and closed his eyes before voting for W, no F, no W (Tim should take this as a compliment)
Mark Riddle- F (just to make the residents of his community cringe)
Joe Myers- W (he is a successful businessman)
Jordan Cooper- whoever the PM of Canada is (I don't know-Geddy Lee)
Geoff Holsclaw- F (I just know)

Okay. Talk about a useless, yet fun endeavor. I do this to remind myself that a community of friends I have staked my life with is very diverse in its support of politics.

I like this because:

1. I do not think anyone listed voted for Bush because he lived on a farm while Kerry had a mansion or voted for Kerry because Bush cannot speak English. This group probably evaluated the candidates, thought for themselves and based their votes upon more than one issue.

2. This group of people gets along great, talks politics, does not agree, but recognizes the validity of each other's thoughts and opinions.

3. Showing this is not a bunch of people following the crowd, there is diversity to the thought. Unlike the SBC and other religious righters (or UCCers and Unitarians on the other side), we understand that people can vote their conscience without losing their salvation. I enjoy hanging with a group of people where everyone is not the same.

Come to my blog and tell me I am right or wrong.


Rudy said...

if you go a step further...

searching at Urban Onramps, you can find two (or three) posts where I asked people to guess who they thought would win the election. A bunch of people responded... we could find even more emerging churcher votes in there...

and i think you are right - this shows that the emergent THINGY is monolithic, and actually encompasses a wide range of opinions

tony said...

Yes, you got it. Good call, Rick! And I bet you're right on everyone else, too.

But most importantly, even as we disagree, it's with good-natured conversation. Doug and I voted differently, talked a lot about it, and were mainly discouraged ant the vitriol being spewed by other on "our" sides.

Stephen said...

Thanks Rick! I thought it was just Rudy and me! Now I see we are not the only ones politically incorrect.

Michael said...
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Michael said...

I just deleted a comment. I started ranting -- sorry.

I'm in the F camp and still depressed about the whole thing.

I haven't felt this bad about an election since 1968. I was 8 years old at the time, and it was sort of like a sporting event for me. I lived in a Blue-blue-blue neighborhood, but had not yet got the red-state/blue-state thing clear, and so I watched in horror and disbelief as a man that nobody I had ever met (except my Grandma) liked, win by a landslide.

But it is good to hang with those who think differently, and to let my respect for them temper my "assurance" that my way is the right way of thinking on these issues.

djchuang said...

and Barna weighs in with lots of numbers re: evangelicals (of which many Emergent types had been influenced by) and their voting

Jordon said...

You are right (or more precisely "center-right" unless you are looking at from a Texas slant and then I am communist). Paul Martin all the way.

Rick said...

oh by the way, in case anyone cared (or could not figure it out), I am an F.

Michael- if you want to see a rant of mine regarding Bush and the election (I would never put it on my site). Check out my response to my friend Alex on his site.

Dan said...

hey rick - i happen to come across your blog (i didn't realize you were blogging!) and the first thing i read was your guesses on who people voted for. with me, you were very accurate with the "felt bad about it" part! what is your email? i couldn't find it anywhere on your site. i'd like to check in with you etc.