Tuesday, November 23, 2004

How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb drops today

Today, God willing, I will head to my local independent music store and buy my copy of U2's latest opus.

I will listen to each song.
I will tear up at least once.
I will praise God.
I will wish I could buy something this good from a Christian retailer (not really).
I will read every lyric and decipher my desired meaning from each song (to go along with my distinct worldview).
I will let my children dance to it (we have been listening to the website and they love it).

For a moment I will forget that we are in city in which we know few people. I have no job (but am looking). We are starting a new ministry with no resources. Rent is due in 1 week. We have no money. I am putting my family in jeapordy in the eyes of the world.

But, that will fade away for a moment.


Rudy said...

aye, NO WORK on tuesday. i will do like you and go listen and genuflect and piss off gen y when i talk about how cool u2 is/are/was/will be

and go to latina liz's web site, she's got an emerging women meeting in march, you are not a woman, but hey send some folks mebbe

Anonymous said...

Just read this review. Thought I'd pass it along. - Mike