Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar Victory Speech

I went 17 for 24 on my Oscar Prediction List. While not as good as past years, it was still much better than many experts and this was considered a "hard to predict" year. I have hit 90% on at least 3 occasions. Among my proudest moments were best short form documentary and perfection in the majors. Yes, I had no misses in major categories (Picture, Director, All Acting and Screenplay, Score, Cinematography, animation, Foreign Film).

In my life, I look for simple accomplishments. I would like to thank my parents for letting me watch movies, my wife for allowing a subscription to Netflix and my children for going to bed a decent hour (so I can watch movies). I would also like to thank the Academy for making itself terribly predictible and hardly ever nominating a film I actually want to win.

Just nice to know that rest of the world now knows a little about Don Cheadle and Clive Owen, actors I have been lifting up to ridicule for years. And you wait, Jeff Bridges will win one day (maybe he should be in a Martin Scorcese film, co-starring Annette Bening).

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Anonymous said...

Hey Rick,

Hope you are doing well. Looks like you did better on your Oscar predictions than I did.


Mike King